Gemalto SDK Installation

Gemalto SDK Installation

By integrating the Gemalto Scanner SDK into a Visitor Management System, organizations can enhance their security measures by ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted access to their facilities. The SDK enables the system to capture high-quality images of identification documents such as passports, driver's licenses, and other government-issued IDs..

The Gemalto Scanner SDK can also scan the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) on the passport, which contains essential information about the passport holder. This data can be used to verify the authenticity of the passport and to perform a background check on the visitor.

Gemalto Scanner SDK supports scanning only USA Drivers License backside barcode and Passport MRZ codes. This SDK does not extract photo from license.

Document Types
Gemalto SDK

USA Drivers License and Passport
2D Barcode and MRZ Scan
Scan backside Drivers License
Document expiry validation
Does not support scanning front side card
Included with Splan Software
AssureID SDK
All international IDs and Passports
Scans front side card and Passport MRZ
Extracts data from OCR
Document Authentication
Document expiry validation
Additional license fee

 Click here to review AssureID SDK.


There are two steps involved to configure Splan connecting to Gemalto scanner.

1.  Install Scanner SDK
2.  Install Splan Connector (click here to install Splan Connector)

Download the Gemalto SDK from the link Here. and install the SDK by following the instructions provided below.

Click 'Yes' from the pop-up shows on the screen to trust.

Click on next button from the install wizard window.

Select 'Everybody (All users)' from Install type wizard window and click next button.

Click on 'Accept All' from end user license agreement window wizard and click next button.

Click on next button from how to configure Gemalto document reader will be installed, and it shows the option selected as 'page reader drivers, Documentation & SDK Sample Projects'.

Click next from the wizard and in the next screen 'ready to install'. Click on install to finish the installation.

Click on Next from Version info window wizard.

Click on Finish from Installation Complete window.

Restart computer after Scanner SDK installation is completed.

Scanner SDK installation is completed, you can now install Splan Connector from here.
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