Siemens Si-Pass-Integration-Guide

Siemens Si-Pass-Integration-Guide


Si-Pass Integration Guide

Splan delivers intelligent and fully automated next generation visitor management solutions for small to large enterprises. Integrating with application security, IT security and Physical Access Control systems, Splan provides innovative web and cloud-based visitor management solutions that are cost effective and easy to use. 


Splan SiPASS integration requires following components to be enabled on Customer’s environment 

  1. 1.URL related SiPASS HR REST API should be accessible by Splan 

  1. 2.The URL is SSL enabled. Import the certificate into Splan server. 

  1. 3.Create Workgroup, Access groups and Access levels applicable to visitors for provisioning. 

How To Enable
  1. Enabling Provisioning in connector
    1. Login to Splan Visitor Management system with admin Credentials 
    2. Navigate to Setup >> Connectors from 'Global Settings'
    3. Click on 'Edit' icon or click on Sipass connector

 Click on '"Edit" under connector parameters section

  1. Enable the check box to True for "Provisioning Enabled"

Enabling Access Control From Preferences
  1. Navigate to Setup >> Preferences from 'Global Settings'

  1. Search for 'External Access Control' and make the drop down option as "Enable".

Enable Badge Number Options

Preference Configuration
  1. Login to Splan Visitor Management system with admin rights
  2. Navigate to Setup >> Preferences from 'Global Settings'
  3. Search for 'Badge Number' in preference screen
    1. Select value as 'Yes' from 'Enable Badge Number'

  1. Select value as 'Sequence' for Badge Number Generator if badge number generates in sequence else select as 'None'.   

  1. Select 'Display at Register / Check-in In Edit' for Badge number display options.

Badge Number Generation Configuration

This sequence generation can be configured only if badge number should assign automatically to visitors upon check in.
  1. Login to Splan Visitor Management system with admin rights
  2. Navigate to Setup >> Badge Number Generation
  3. Click on 'Create' button from Badge Number Generation Screen
  4. Select the provider, Location Name, enter the sequence length in number, sequence start value, next sequence value, max sequence value
    1. Example of Mapping the badge number sequence

Field NameField Description
Provider NameUser should select the provider name to which the badge number sequence should be added
Location NameUser should select the location name from the drop down list available to which location the badge number sequence should be enabled and If user want it for all the location, user should select as "Global Settings", If it required for only one Location, then user can select one location from location drop down ex: "San Francisco"
Sequence Length ValueUser should enter the value of the badge number length with how many digits the badge number is going to generate. Ex: 5 (If badge number is going to generate with 5 digits)
Sequence Start ValueThis field is for entering the badge number starting value which will use as badge number generation EX: 50000 (If user enter as 50000, it will start generating badge numbers from range 50000 to Max value which user is setting in sequence max value field)
Sequence Next ValueThis field is for enter the next badge number value which should start with from the sequence start value field Ex: 50001 (If user enter the start value as 50001 or 50010, the badge number generated from the next value entered with 50001, 50002, 50003 etc.)
Sequence Max ValueThis field is for setting the maximum number value to stop where the badge number generation should stop from the sequence start value field. Ex: 65000 (If, user set the value as 65000, the badge numbers which are generating from 50000 will stop at 65000 and reset back to 50000 after reaching the limit of Maximum value which is set.)
Prefix ValueThis field is used for adding some unique indication before the badge number generation and it will append the prefix value to the badge number and generate. Ex: VIS (If the value added as VIS or ABC or EMP, it will add the value set on this field before badge number like "VIS50001" and generate the badge numbers)
Postfix ValueThis field is used for adding some unique indication After the badge number generation and it will append the postfix value to the badge number and generate. Ex: VIS (If the value added as VIS or ABC or EMP, it will add the value set on this field After badge number like "50001VIS" and generate the badge numbers)

Connector Configuration

Create Splan connector to configure Si-Pass , go to  Global Settings -> Setup -> Connectors 

Configure Si-Pass Server
Configure Si-Pass server
Provide Si-Pass server OpenAccess URL 
OnGuard user and password for API authentication,  Splan recommends to create one user “splanuser” for Splan to connect to OpenAccess services. 
Provide Date Format and Time zone. Si Pass server. 

Parameter NameDescriptionExample
Connection Name *This field is used for giving the name for the connector to saveABC-Si-Pass
Server URL *Provider the Si-Pass server URL to which the Splan system should communicatehttps://<URL>:8080/api/access/onguard/openaccess
User Name *User should enter the user name created forSi-Pass server URL to authenticatingSplanuser
Password *User should enter the password created for Si-Pass server URL to authenticating******
Connector Date Format *Date format for sending to Si-Pass server when visitor data is pushed with start time and end time 
Version *User should enter the Si-Pass server version on which it is running1.0
Time ZoneThis will help in configuring the time zone format in which the data should be sent toSi-Pass server from SplanUTC
Client Certificate path *User should be entering the certificate path were the Si-Pass certificate is installed
Note: If the user is using Splan Cloud, Splan team will enter the path of the certificate.
Segment URLThis  field is for configuring the Segmentation URL to use for Si-Pass integration from Splan. Only the segments which are received from the URL will be available in Splan to configure for communicating 
Access Level URLThis field is for configuring the access levels URL from which the access level can be fetched into Splan for configuring to provide an access to the visitors by security 
Test Connection URLThis field is used for entering the Si-Pass server URL to make the test connection to make sure the connection is secure and successfulhttps://<URL>:8080/api/access/Si-Pass
Enable AgentThis field is for enabling the Agent to communicate with Splan Agent service which is installed on client Si-Pass server when client did not enabled the IP'sTRUE
Connector AgentThis connector agent value will be pre populated automatically one the request queue name is selected which is created by Splan 
Agent KeyThis connector agent value will be pre populated automatically one the request queue name is selected which is created by Splan 
Request Queue NameRequest queue name can be selected from the drop down list which is select for this customer provider instance to use for Agent.  
Provisioning EnabledThis field is the key field which will make sure to enable the integration to send request to Si-Pass server from Splan only if this value is True and the preference (External Access Control= Enabled)TRUE
Segmentation EnabledThis field is to enable the segmentation to be configured in the Splan system to have using the badge numbers only with segmentation configuredTRUE
Generate System User ID All the timeThis field is use to generate the new id all the time when ever there is an request sent o the access control system of the visitor record even though he is an returning visitor with same member id accountTRUE
Access Level EnabledThis if is use to get the access level from access control system to Splan system when user is trying to add the access level in Splan system to assign to the visitors while issueing the badgeTRUE
Apply ToThis field is used for configuring the connector to which visitor action the integration should be made like for an example added to the example tabVisitor, Temp Badge, Employee Visitor, Contractor etc.

Action Mapping

Visitor Action - API Mapping

Splan connector provides dynamic configuration where Administrator can configure different OpenAccess API for each Visitor lifecycle operation. Splan Si-Pass connector provides default configuration, but admin can change based on organization requirements. 

Visitor Action is a activity event like Registration, Check-In and Check-Out. 

Connector Action is operation on OnGuard when visitor action happens, like when visitor check-in then system has to create User, create badge and assign access levels. 

Connector Attribute is Splan module which will have API attribute mapping. 

Sequence of operations for same visitor action. 

Action sequence configuration and descriptions

Visitor ActionConnector ActionConnector AttributeSequenceStatusDescription
Check-InCreate UserSi-PassCreateUser1ActiveCheck-In action will create an user in the Si-Pass onguard with visitor information with the attributes configured under Si-Pass CreateUser attributes section: Ex: First Name, Last Name, Email
Check-InCreate BadgeSi-Pass CreateBadge2ActiveCheck-In action will create an Badge in the Si-Pass onguard after user is created as part of the sequence 1 with activation, deactivation date and time along with badge number provided to the visitor.
Check-InAssign RolesSi-Pass AssignRoles3ActiveCheck-in action will assign the access level which are assign to the visitor at the time of check by security guard and the same will be provisioned to Si-Pass onguard to the badge and the user which are created in sequence 1 and 2
Check-OutDelete BadgeSi-Pass DeleteBadge1ActiveCheck-out action will remove the badge from Si-Pass onguard once visitor check-out from the Splan Visitor Management system by security guard or using self service kiosk
Check-OutDelete UserSi-PassDeleteUser2ActiveCheck-Out action will remove the user completely from Si-Pass onguard system as soon as visitor checked-out of the visitor system.

Connector Attributes

Connector attributes are used for attribute mapping between Splan and Si-Pass OpenAccess. 

Si-PassCreateUserCreates visitor record in Si-Pass system. Attribute mapping is used to map between Splan attributes and OpenAccess. 

Attributes Mapping:

Default Values


Attribute mapping 

Default Values:

SiPassAssignRole :

Attribute mapping 

Default Values:

SiPassDeleteBadge  : 

Attributes Mapping:

Default Values:


Attribute Mapping

Default values 


All above attributes can configured for each visitor action based on requirement. 

Configuring Access Levels
  1. Click on Access Level tab

  1. Click on Add button from access level screen

  1. Enter the access level name from access level search screen.

Select the access level which should be configured in Splan Visitor Management system and move to the next tab

  1. Click on Save.


Splan visitor allows customer to leverage Si-Pass segmentation to provision visitors and employee badges into the correct segmentation. To complete the lenel segmentation mapping, login to Splan as admin and goto setup and complete the following configuration.  

Once the Lenel connector is created in Splan and the field mappings are done under Setups -> connectors -> Si-Pass configuration screen then click on “Setup-> Locations “ to configure location specific segmentation configuration. Select the right segment from the “Segment” dropdown value.  If there are no segments or values displayed may be due to OpenAccess license is not activated or services are not working properly and contact for help 

Contact Splan Support: 

If you run into any issues, please contact Splan Support at